Boutique en ligne française spécialisée dans le Pashmina , Cachemire et Soie

Weaving and making a Pashmina 


Weaving on a specific loom

Rare and precious, the true 100% cashmere pashmina is handcrafted by a master craftsman on a loom specific to the region of Kashmir.

The wool is produced by the small mountain goats of the Himalayas at an altitude of more than 4 000 metres. The yarns are taken from neck of goats, where they are the finest and most valuable (14 to 18 microns, while human hair is 50 to 75 microns).

The yarns are very light, very soft and resistant, which produces one of the most beautiful wools in the world. 
Pashmina wool harvested  from the highlands of the Himalayas is then transported to India or Nepal for artisanal manufacture.
Initially woven in natural colour, pashmina wool can then be dyed with quality natural pigments, depending on the colours requested.

The different stages of making a Pashmina

. weighing and purchase of wool
. carding
. spinning
. weaving
. washing
. brushing to remove impurities
. drying
. addition of dye
. soaking and manual mixing
. wringing out
. drying
. knotting of the fringes
. ironing
. cutting of the ends of the fringes
. label stitching
. stole bagging